Welcome to my portfolio. Below you find some of the projects I've worked on recently. If there is any project you would like to collaborate on, feel free to get in touch.

Net-Zero business strategies


As part of my self-employed work, I help businesses design and implement their own net-zero agenda. From food production all the way to event management; every business has the opportunity to strategically design their own net-zero agenda with an optimal view on a thriving future and bottom line.


CompleXities content programme


As part of my work for Max Planck Institute, I help manage the production of seminal content on the emerging challenges of the Urban South. Given the international distribution of the teams, I support the teams to focus on their work, while making sure behind the scenes all parts of the projects remain connected and accounted for.

Image by Marlin Clark

Real Ice business ecosystem


Real Ice is a sustainable engineering start-up that wants to use carefully designed and concept-tested wind powered machines to re-ice Arctic regions. I helped the team map out the complex supply chain and find ways to streamline it as well as translate the new efficiency into tangible differences in target markets and cash flow forecast.


Future sustainable landscapes


As part of my PhD project, I conducted environmental research on sustainable land use, climate change and woodland creation. Given the complex environmental challenges of the 21st century, I worked with historians, land managers, large organizations and other stakeholders to understand the best path towards a sustainable and thriving British landscape.