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Innovation through integration

With SystemThink I offer my clients opportunities to explore and map their systems (personal, business or environmental) in order to facilitate improvement and innovation.

While doing so the applied side of complexity thinking always remains in focus - how to use the knowledge we gained to create the change we desire.

My integrative and interdisciplinary approach sets SystemThink apart from the masses; after all, we live in a world where our problems and opportunities have long transcended the borders of different life aspects, jobs and whole industries; it is time we do the same.

Tailored methods, tailored results

Applied complexity thinking is a method that is specifically meant to be flexible. This allows me to work with my clients in tailored sessions that adapt to their individual systems, problems and innovation potential.

I'm always interested in listening to new clients and seeing how we may support their progress. Some elements may recur, but a diverse set of concerns and ideas is best tackled with a diverse option portfolio. Feel free to contact me to discuss your plans.


Through my work I have also developed some semi-structured sessions for individual clients: The explorer, The tamer of the (systemic) beast, and The professional chatterbox.

The explorer

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The tamer of the (systemic) beast

The professional chatterbox