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With all the theory I learn, I am mostly - a doer. I like to go out and see how the theory unfolds in practice. To perfect my knowledge, my skills, and to gain new experience.

It's also a great way to get to know other does, thinkers and leaders and learn from those who have practiced in their fields for decades already. In my experience the combination of theoretical knowledge and practical skills is often the first step to success. That, and a heavy does of curiosity.

See below to find out more about my work, contact me if you have a project you want to chat about, or have a look at my full CV. And of course I'm also on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Poject design and management

Next to my studies, I'm regularly hired for project design & management work. This often entails all-day workshops on topics like business, sustainability, environmental problem solving and future proofing (e.g. Climathon). But I am also employed for my management skills, for example in a project on a seminal data innovation software at Max Planck Institute in Munich, Germany.

Most of the projects I work for have specific requirements of where they need support. This can range from managing and organising groups in a large workshop setting, to taking care of keynote speakers during conference days, and all the way to attending essential project meetings and keeping track of documents and timelines in the background.

If you have a project and need facilitation or management support, feel free to contact me so we can see what your needs are and how I can help.

Participants at the Climathon Bangor

Applied Complexity Thinking

"The only way to predict the future is to create it." Within our brand, applied complexity thinking, my intellectual co-rebels and I explore how the skills of complexity thinking can be applied to the societal, technological and environmental challenges of today. Our flagship product at the moment is the Eco Warrior Bootcamp, a 20 credit module of cutting edge content, teaching and delivery for university students.


I've been fascinated about getting projects and businesses from 0 to 1 for a while now; start-Ups and early stage projects need Jacks and Jackies of many trades that can see what needs to be done and then go and do it. Exactly the kind of systemic work I love! I started out doing freelance management for some newcomers in various sectors, and have now also become a co-founder of a new green tech start-up in the making.

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Many of these projects are works in progress on different stages. Updates will happen here continuously and as soon as its safe for the word to get out.