Arts & Philosophy

To me, system thinking also means going beyond theory and practice and cultivating out of the ordinary skills to expand my horizon; to gather new and interesting perspectives on the knowledge and experience I already have.

One of these hobbies is visual arts, where I work both with large canvas paintings and small pen drawings. Creating a visual artwork on an empty canvas means exploring the system of art itself - how do we as humans perceive colour, structure and composition? What story does it tell? And how can that translate to illustrating scientific data effectively, or creating professional presentations?

The IceCream Man - guache and paper on canvas
Baptism of fire - Guache, paper and oil on canvas
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Visual Arts

Writing novels

Another hobby I have is writing novels. I have thus far finished two manuscripts. The latter, called Dragon Candy Drug Cartel, is what I am editing and developing further at the moment. Again, creating a whole story with believable characters and storyline out of thin air is a highly systemic exercise - who is connected to whom, and why? What does the reader need to know, and what should remain unknown until the final plot twist(s)? Just like in a good project the whole systems needs to be predictable enough to guarantee success, but flexible enough to allow for disruptive change.

Dragon    Candy Drug    Cartel

And lastly, I also like photography, for the same reasons I do the above - and also, just like the above, it can simply be a lot of fun!

Old city life - black and white photography
Frozen tree tops - nature photography


Black german sheperd - natur photography