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Academic work & Qualifications

Over time, I've had the pleasure to continuously expand my horizon and areas of expertise:


My work centres on the future of land use and forest management; I also continue to specialise in science communication and complexity thinking. This is why in 2019 I also completed a communication degree as an internationally certified Mental Trainer.

For my full CV, please click here.

My Research

In my research, I am mostly interested in forestry, land use and environmental complexity - including the relationship of land use with today's complex social, political and economical demands.

At Bangor University the current title of my PhD project is 'Emerging spaces for native woodland expansion in Britain's crowded future landscapes'; here I am trying to understand pathways of native woodland expansion in Britain (buzzwords: commercial forestry, rewilding, unintended natural regeneration, restocking, etc.) and subsequently their interaction with other land covers and land uses. Ultimately, the idea remains to see what lies ahead - how will the future of British woodlands look like, and how might we as humans engage with it?

Feel free to contact me if you want to know more about my research. Or head over to my University profile.

Science communication - The world beyond scientific papers

I am currently engaged in writing up a few scientific papers from my PhD thesis and related research, but this is not the only form of information dissemination I'm interested in.

I believe one of the opportunities of social media and other digital channels for us academics is to find new and innovative ways to engage with non-scientific audiences. Producing videos and illustrating complex topics in a simple way is a big pilar to this, which is why I'm always up for making short videos about my research and other environmental topics, and/or scouting the internet for new and interesting platforms we as researchers could use for outreach - videos, podcasts, Clubhouse, NooWorld, and more!

Explaining my research for the Earth Project 2021:

A short clip about some of my field work for the Low Carbon Energy and Environment Research Network Wales 2021:

An earlier video from 2019 explaining the situation about the burning Amazon forest: